The scene in vancouver is alive and well.

I was lucky enough that my time on this side of the pond lined up with a Slow Ride Social Saturday event. The folks here in Vancouver meet up every friday morning for coffee outside, welcoming anyone on a bike to have camp coffee before work. Once a month, they also organize this chill group ride and hang out, open to whoever is down for good bike vibes, riding slow and sharing snacks and coffee. Hit up @coffeeoutsideyvr for details and media.

Morgan and Stephanie (+ their little nugget Sophia) go by @foundinthemountains on instagram, and are a truly rad little family living the bike life. Along with their friends, they are the ones making things happen here in Vancouver and the surrounding area. They’ve created a really cool space, doing a great job at making anyone feel welcome to be a part of these meet-ups. In my eyes, such openness and inclusion comes automatically when the people involved are as nice as I experienced them to be. Their success in creating a rad community is obvious when looking at the people who show up, the good times being had, and the coolness of all the bikes!

The folks at Landyachtz have been so kind as to host the meeting spot for these Slow Ride Social Saturday rides. Landy has been making longboards for decades, and have recently ventured into the world of bikes. They do top level handmade steel and titanium bikes, and also have a production model for commuting and light touring. Their shop showcases their bikes and skateboards, has a service workshop, and is full of all the trendiest bike parts to upgrade your ride.

Between meeting there at 10am and rolling out at 10.15, aero presses, titanium mugs, and donuts had already been in full rotation. From East Vancouver we rode the Adanac bike path, over the Second Narrows Bridge, and up the hill to Fisherman’s Trail. The gravelly climb up to a new suspension bridge crossing the river made for our destination. The water level this time of year is low, so the nice big river bed was all exposed to hang out on.

We dragged our bikes down the river bank, busted out the snacks, more coffee was made, and the bravest few took a dip in the chilly rapids. Some continued on in search of more grav grav, some hit the mtb trails, while most of us stayed put in the sun and socialized.

Cycling can seem intimidating for someone wanting to get into commuting or just riding for fun. For the most part, and especially for the untrained eye, all you see is super fit looking people in tight spandex riding fast expensive carbon bikes. I think its awesome being in the opposite end of the spectrum, wearing normal clothes, riding (somewhat) normal bikes, with a smile on our faces, making what I believe to be a much more inviting gateway to discovering the world of bikes. Having a group of good folks with the right mentality, weekly organized events and some sort of online presence to spread the stoke is a brilliant way to invite newcomers and grow a healthy biking community.

I am stoked to have experienced a day with this awesome group of people, and cant wait to join in another time in the near future. Much love!