We all know that a bike owned by a nerd is never really “done”. A frame might get matched with some components for a while, but the beauty is that you can swap a few parts and get all excited about the changes, or even completely re build a bike into something else and feel like its #newbikeday again!

This time, it’s a few simple changes on my Nishiki which have really brought this bike to a good place. It might even stay like this for a few months!

First up, a big ol’ mudflap on the front guard, safely qualifying me for the #flapgamestrong club. Seriously not aero, but seriously good at keeping my feet dry, even in the nastiest of conditions. It’s a soft rubber flap off an old Dutch bike, mounted with some pretty neat soft metal tabs which fold in under the mudguard and hang on the stays.

Next is the ass hammock (brooks saddle), which turns out nicely matches the layer of rust on the handlebars.

Lastly, the #rackandbasketlyfe has been added, this time with the slightly bigger Wald 139, well suited for my Bagaboo messenger bag.

Ride slow, die whenever..