When the opportunity to get a custom steel stem popped up on LFGSS, I immediately thought of replacing the aluminum one with super questionable aesthetics on my Ti Adventure Bike. I couldn’t escape the dimensions (tall guy small bike problems), but some nice thin steel tubing would help a great deal.

Sam at Stayer Cycles in East London was the guy behind the torch, making peoples dreams of a custom spec bike part come true. Check them out for beautiful fillet brazed frames and stunning custom wheels! Stayer gramz

The batch of custom stems originated from the stoke generated by a stem Mads Hulsroy was making for his rando bike. People started asking about it, and before long, a list of about 25 people was put together.

This fine specimen measures in at a whopping +40º of rise, 85mm height, and 90mm length. Yep, it’s a pretty wack set of dimensions, but I couldn’t be more stoked on the result. Apart from getting my silly bars right where I want them, there’s also some functionality to the rest of the design. The single clamp at the front will let me get my gas tank nice and snug up against the stem, while the height of lets me get rid of the massive tower of spacers. The burly four bolt clamp mixed with the elegant thin tubes really does it for me, and it’s bloody stiff too!

As Mr. Hobocross said “i feel like custom stems let you get away with some ridiculousness while still looking cool”. Words of wisdom..