Ladies and gentlemen, this is big. The first STRIDSLAND bicycle component has arrived.

Back in 2013 I started dreaming about having a company where I could turn all my wack ideas into tangible products that a handful of people would want to buy, hopefully leading to a situation allowing me to spend all of my working hours on the company.

I hate setting goals, so I just call it something else instead: If I keep doing the things I enjoy (like riding bikes, building bikes, and taking pictures), eventually it will lead to something. That something might never go beyond a hobby, or it might turn into a big succesfull business. But no matter the outcome, there wont be a silly goal in the back of my head, blindly steering me into some potentially shitty situations, and most importantly the goal wont be robbing me of enjoying the process along the way.

Back to that bicycle component.. A handlebar! It’s based off of my silly mix of a sweepy bar, some modified 90’s mtb bull horns, and a desperate attempt to get more width by using extensions and hanging my lockon grips off the ends. Now the real thing is here, and it’s just how I want it. Well, almost. It’s the first prototype, and it will need some minor tweaks to get it completely dialed.

– 800mm width
– 31 degrees backsweep
– 35mm rise
– 31.8mm clamp
– 6061 Aluminum

The idea is a comfortable bar for your commuter, tourer, adventure bike, mtb, cargo bike, whatever bike. It’s about varied handpostions when on longer rides, the option to get low and narrow in a headwind, a nice way to stretch out your upper body while in the saddle, and serious width for serious control when the path turns gnarly or the the load makes your bike handle like a freighter. The horns are a small Wald basket’s width apart, so they dont get in the way too much, and can act as extra anchor points for a tall load.

I have no idea when this might be available to buy, and no idea about a price point either, but I’m working on it. Slowly. Very slowly. I can tell you that it’s made by some talented folks in Taiwan, and that im not buying a million pcs at once. I’m ridiculously excited about this, and can’t wait to see what happens. Until then, here’s a few pictures.

Oh yea, and its called the Suicide Knob. Partly because of those weird appendages, but mostly because of that knob often seen on a boat’s steering wheel to help turn the direction of the motor real fast. Keep an eye out for that west coast nautical theme <3