Nerding out on different components and setups will always have it’s place, but in some cases people get too caught up in the newest latest and greatest materialistic aspects of cycling, ultimately taking away from the actual ride. In the end, it’s just about getting outside, stomping the pedals, and seeing where it takes you.
Just ride what ya brung!

Saturday’s ride was a beautiful example of this. There was no real plan other than to ride bikes in the forest. Representing the full spectrum of wheel sizes, Thomas rode his retro 26″ mtb, Mikkel on his 700c Rychtarski, and me on 27.5″ wheels. It was a mix of asphalt, gravel roads, mtb singletrack, and trail breaking.

The instagram paced ride made for frequent stops to soak in the views, and good chats about stuff and things. The fact that we’re not racing the clock at maximum capacity throughout the entire ride means that there’s lots of room for spontaneous detours, re runs on fun sections, and climbing trees.

There are so many different types of bikes, and a million more different ways to set them up. Hella tempo rides just increase that focus on your bike’s performance and distract from the ride itself, so ride slow, and ride what ya brung. There’s room for everyone! Even MAMILS (middle aged men in lycra) <3