A platform up front is crucial to unlocking that ‘I can do anything with this bike’ feeling. When you surpass the exciting early stages of hauling stuff for the sake of hauling stuff, the Rack Lyfe enters a state of maturity (with a touch of stubbornness). It gets to be about avoiding the use of motor vehicles at all cost, and saying “challenge accepted” to even the most ridiculous #carryshitolympics tasks. Be it grocery getting, commuting, or picking up packages from the post office, a front rack is the way to go.

Hauling this big and awkward wheel box was a piece of cake with thisĀ Cetma 5-rail. OneĀ inner tube wrapped under the rack from the rear, over top and latched onto to the stem – BOOM! this set up is good to rip home faster than you could have found a parking spot for your station car. Need to haul something even heavier and bigger? Just add more inner tubes!