I found this frame on the local classifieds a while back, and I just knew I had to have it. The man selling it had pretty low expectations, so we came to the agreement that I’d send him some beer and chocolate, and he’d send me the frame. Good dude!

Sure enough the frame showed up looking just like the pictures had shown – like absolute shite, and bloody massive. With remnants of an old headset and a very seized looking bottom bracket, my hopes weren’t all that high.

Surprisingly enough, the headset popped out nicely, and the bb turned like the threads were greased yesterday. Seeing as the 1x retro mtb commuter slot was already filled by my GT Karakoram (post coming soon), this build needed to be different. Singlespeed it is! Fingers crossed for perfect chain length and minimal dropout filing..

After cold setting the rear (126 – 135mm), I got a hold of a fork with a sub 400mm a-c and an outrageously long steerer tube. This was the perfect build for my old White Industries cranks and the set of Magura HS-22 brakes. I bought these brakes for 5 dollars at a flea market on Gabriola Island (BC, Canada) almost 5 years ago, and they have been gathering dust ever since. Now is the time.

After switching handlebars about a million times, I landed on this old klunker handlebar. Nice amount of sweep for happy wrists and the perfect anti race riding position.

The result: the slackest, tallest, and chillest commuter mtb ever. Hydraulic brakes, singlespeed, and mudguards makes it the perfect bike for winter time in Copenhagen, where the streets are flat, wet, and covered in salt. This is the kind of bike that makes you sit back in the saddle, whistle a good tune, and enjoy dropping curbs with the comfort of 2.25″ tires.

And if you’re wondering, yes that is an aluminum stem with a pinch clamp.