With a mutual “friday off”, Anton and I had ourselves a good looking long weekend. We decided on a trip to the Cliffs of Møn, which is on the east coast of Sjælland, about 160km along the coast, south of Copenhagen.

Both of us were super busy during the days up to the trip, so planning was minimal. Turns out all the logistics for a trip like this have become quite routine, so taking a spontaneous 3 day trip is suddenly delightfully feasible!

– Frame bag, seat bag, rack and basket with bungee net, gas tank, anything cages. I have a good basic packlist saved on my phone that I start with for each trip.

– Bring whatever is at hand from home like porridge, nuts, fruit, and other snacks that wont go bad. Find supermarkets along the way before setting up camp, to buy dinner and next day’s breakfast + lunch. Something easy to make over a fire or trangia for dinner. Porridge and fruit for breaky, and something simple like buns, cheese and cold cuts for lunch.

– Tent, hammock, or shelter, depending on weather forecast, location and time of year. Each setup has pros and cons, but this time we were looking to try out our parachute hammocks for the first time.

The cool thing about bike camping is you have all your shit with you, so you’re free to do what you want! This setup was refreshingly light and playful compared to the last multi day tour, Across Southern Sweden. It felt more like I was calling the shots, not the freighter between my legs.

It was friday morning, and we were rolling south along the coast with 20 something degrees, clear skies and an average sidewind. The fact that our route was simply following the coastline, gave us a little extra confidence to search for fun little gravel paths and trails.

Lush forests, winding trails along the beach, narrow footpaths lining dusty fields and beautiful country roads. Not bad.

First overnight destination was close to Stevns Klint, which is a smaller version of Møns Klint. The hammock lyfe is amazing, and makes the hard wooden floor of a shelter feel like punishment. Still got lots to learn about tarp setup and a better rope / fastening system, but first impression is top notch. Only downside is you can’t really choose to lie on your stomach or side, when your back is on fire from riding shirtless all day without sunscreen.

Our campspot was on a nice layer of smooth tennisball sized rocks, surrounded by tall green grass and hammock friendly trees. Oh yea, and it was right by the water too!

Careful when making a fire on flint rock, that stuff explodes like popcorn! Luckily only a few battle scars on my fleece.

Saturday we had a full day of riding, with Møns Klint shelters as our destination. Countless massive old beautiful trees along the way, a little dip in ocean before lunch, and of course Møns Klint it self! Again, a wicked day of riding. Definitely one of Denmark’s most spectacular feats of nature! Also one of the most geologically exciting places in Denmark!

The shelter spot was well equipped with a clean water source, grill and fire pit, and access to the cliffs and surrounding trails. Dining was at a 5 star rating.

Sunday morning, we woke up to a scene straight out of Lord of the Rings. Fog had rolled in and hung around in between the trees. Before heading back about 50 km to the nearest train station to get back to Copenhagen, we packed our things and explored the surrounding area.

A solid network of hilly minimal mountainbike trails, combined with the epic trees and amazing light/fog, made for one of my top experiences on a bicycle. The kind of stuff that gives you goosebumps!

Yesterday’s headwind was today’s tailwind, so with a 40km/h average speed, we were in Vordingborg in no time. High fives, a train ride home, and even more inspired for the next trip.