Daylight is brief and sun is rare this time of year. With the weather man calling for a break in the clouds the coming Saturday, a quick roll was inevitable.

One of the go to gravel mekkas for Copenhagen folks is a massive section of recovered sea bed, only 7km from the city center. Kalvebod Fælled has got singletrack for dayz, beautiful winding gravel roads, and serious amounts of headwind (99.9% of the time). Its also a killer place to dial in your bunny hop, because there is a hefty amount of cow pattys to avoid.

Saturday’s ride started from downtown, and down through South Harbour. This was apparently that 0.1% of the time where wind gods decided to take the day off, in order to blind us with mirror-like water conditions. Nah it was beautiful and all. There was even an icy bridge. ‘BRIDGE MAY BE ICY’

Theres nothing like a ride that has lots of spontaneity. It’s kind of the opposite of that whole ride-the-same-route-over-and-over-again-to-get-a-new-fastest-time mentality, and that feels good. This time it lead to a walk up 8TALLET, an outrageous looking apartment complex in the shape of the number 8. The view from the top overlooks Kalvebod Fælled, the gravel playground we were headed for.

Now it was time to ride. The earth, the views, and our mood dictated the pace of the rest of the ride, ranging from crawling through mud in the granny gear with big grins on our faces, to brawling down open gravel roads in a full AREO tuck with sweat running down our backs.

A solid 3 hours of mashing around on bikes in the fresh air is fantastic. Just remember, there is always time for dillydallying, swapping bikes, and stopping for the gram