Six friends, some old and some new, set out for a long weekend of bike camping on a friday afternoon. We took the train from Copenhagen to Holbæk, and rode north along Roskilde fjord.

Istidsruten (which translates to ‘the ice age route’) makes a loop of western Zealand in Denmark, trailing through the hilly landscape once formed by big frozen slabs of water, some 20,000 years ago. Hills are something special when you live in Copenhagen Denmark, and something you crave when having grown up in Vancouver Canada.

Navigation can sometimes be and exciting aspect of an adventure, but this route was so delightfully well marked that it became a total subconscious action while riding. It was one less thing to focus on, leaving more room for views, chatting, goofing, and just being.

The route snakes through the country side, up and down hills, along canals, across fields, through forests, and by beaches. There were only a handful of road riding kilometers where we felt the need to ride single file.

We ate supermarket lunches, and warm fire-cooked dinners. We swam at least once a day, and slept in hammocks at night.

Half of us had to pack it in on sunday due to each our respective work schedule, migraine, and state of foot rehab. The others carried on for 1 day more in good spirit, in search of yet another cozy camp spot with a waterfront view.

Everyone was one 26″ wheels, 3 STRIDSLAND Barnacle fork prototypes were being ridden, and 2 guys who usually ride road bikes are now fully convinced of the #26inchlyfe. Great success! Thanks for the good times!