Two full days off – BOOM! BIKE CAMPING! Johan has done a fair bit of touring, most notably a long trip from Denmark to the the south coast of France, but also visiting lots of different areas in Denmark. We decided on Ise Fjord, which was about an hour train ride from home.

Johan was more used to the rear panniers and click on handlebar bag kind of touring, but it didn’t take much for him to get excited about the combination of bike packing and touring setup that I’d been blabbering about. It not only forces you to go a little more light weight, instead of tossing everything into your massive panniers, but also improves the handling and ride experience, as the weight is more evenly distributed. It also gives a little extra confidence to get rad on fun off road sections!

Day 1, we started in Holdbæk and followed the coast North towards Rørvig, where we’d spend the night. It’s all about aiming for the green spots on the map, because gravel paths and forest roads are just more rad! We tried sticking to the coast as much as possible, but unlike the route to Møns Klint, we were forced to veer inland more often than we liked. We tried maybe a little too hard sometimes, because we ended up doing a silly loop in a forest and returning to the exact same place we entered, fully convinced we had covered a good chunk of distance in the right direction.. We also found ourselves in a few dead ends and some bush wacking through prickly bushes with about a million freshly spawned ticks just waiting for us. Yikes..

Lunch came a bit later than expected because we severely underestimated the size of the town we were banking on. After an early breakfast, lots of riding, and finally a supermarket visit at 15:00, we felt entitled to a lunch consisting of chocolate cookies, chocolate milk, chocolate with nuts, nuts, chips, buns and some chicken/mayo spread.

After rolling that afternoon’s section of the route at a post-lunch pace, we found ourselves a good campsite by a shelter down at the coast. We set up our hammocks, made a fire, ate some food, and talked about the spirit world.

Next day we found ourselves a good breakfast spot, and had our selves some peanut butter jelly sandwiches and fruit. From here it was a ferry ride from Rørvig to Hundested, and a short ferry ride to Kulhuse, whereafter we rode down through Nordskoven and crossed the bridge over Roskilde Fjord.

That last day of a trip can always feel a bit lame because as soon as you wake up, you’re on your way home the rest of the trip. This time the greatness overcompensated! The last 45 km home presented us with a wonderful tailwind and sunny skies. We also managed to put together a surprisingly beautiful and adventurous route, making us feel like we were much further away from home than we actually were.

It’s really nice that a get away like this doesn’t take more planning or effort to be a success. Your average two day weekend and a single night under the stars just hits the spot.