The weekend arrived, and the three of us were about due a family outing. Sunday started like most other days, with a slow morning lounging around in bed. The gradual transition between the bedroom and the breakfast table is often filled with morning stretches for Anna Sofie and I, and the day’s first play time session for (1.5 yr old) Helmer.

The plan was to spend the day outside, make a fire, and eat some snobrød (twisted bread – typical danish homemade bread you roast over a fire on a stick, and eat with ketchup, jam, or butter. It tastes amazing).

We are pretty lucky to have a massive park like Kalvebod Fælled so close to Copenhagen. It’s a huge chunk of sea bed that’s been dammed, drained and used for military training grounds back in the 40s . Now its a nature park open to the public, primarily consisting of open grassland for livestock, birds and other wild animals, with patches of forest spotted with campsites and shelters.

We packed the bikes and rolled out in search of a good spot. You always have an idea of what the ideal spot is, and can only hope it will come close when out searching for it. Will there be shelter from the wind, a good spot for the camp fire, room for activities, and a place to park the bikes and dump all your things? We found a nice little area tucked away among some trees, that luckily ticked all of those boxes and more. It’s all about the simple pleasures.

Helmer and AS started collecting sticks for the camp fire, and I chopped up some scrap wood we brought from home, just in case the pickings were slim. Nap time approached quickly. Helmer was out like a light in no time, safe and sound on the Omnium strapped to a tree so it would stay put.

When he woke up, a life changing experience awaited him. He discovered ketchup. Snobrød with ketchup.. I’m personally more of a butter kind of guy. I tried to convince him, but his reaction said it all. He’s on the ketchup side, like his mother.

After snobrød, Anna Sofie had prepared a creative game for him which involved finding things like sticks, leaves and moss, and trying to hang them on a string we looped around some trees. We considered bringing a ball, or one of is other toys, but quickly decided against it, in favour of finding activities in the natural environment. It was really nice to see him so immersed in the game for such a long time, and how the game evolved into new games along the way. It also happened to be easter, so a small egg hunt was a must. Other activities included throwing rocks, making a bow and arrow, running up and down hills, and finding bugs. He’s a genuinely happy little guy, and even more so when he’s outside. He could spend all day outside, and so could we.

In the start of this year, after Anna Sofie finished her degree in Social Education / Pedagogy, we decided that instead of getting a job (looking after other kids), she’d be a “stay at home mom” and spend time with our own kid, until something else makes more sense. For us, that means endless quality time, and no compromise on the love and attention we feel a small human of this age needs. Spending time reading books, playing games, and doing creative activities indoors, playdates with other families, as well as day trips outside in the forest, in parks, and riding his balance bike. We still have a spot for him in the local daycare, which he also likes spending a bit of time at (just not during Corona times). My 30hr work week with 10am starts means no alarm clock, and enough bananas to keep the wheels turning. This has been the best decision for us, and we value it every day.

Now something about bikes..

Trips like these wouldn’t be possible without my Omnium Mini Max. It’s been such a big part of our lives since we got it , and made my 5 months parental leave an absolute joy. Strapping the top of his stroller to the rack with inner tubes works a treat. Having him facing me is nice for keeping contact while riding, providing him with snacks, and keeping him out of the wind. I was lucky to get the last one of these Titanium frames with sliding dropouts Jumbo had in the basement. Its got clearance for a 27.5 x 2.25″ Thunder Burt, and a 20 x 2.25″ Jumping Jack up front. The fork is one of the first prototypes which is super burly and has a bit more tire clearance, but a bit heavier too. Some old pink Chris King hubs and matching headset, 800mm wide Omnium Wunderbar, SLX brakes, NX gears, cool old RooX seatpost, and the Brooks C17 carved all weather. Total dream boat, a bike for life, this is life.