Eight months ago, our little dude Helmer showed up. It’s all simply incredible, but what keeps getting me is, he’s here for good <3

This parenthood thing comes with lots of bonuses, but today was one of the biggest for me. It was revolutionary, being able to bring him along on the bike and introduce him to the lifestyle we have built through our mutual passion for the outdoors. This is a whole new world. This is life.

Our friends were spending the night at a shelter not too far from the city, so our plan was to join for brunch over the fire the next morning. Since he wouldn’t be able to handle too long of a ride, we took the train a section of the way.

The ride went great considering the abundance of sensory inputs involved in sitting on a bike for the first time, as well as being way overdue for his first nap of the day. He napped in his mini sleeping bag while we ate scrambled eggs with bacon and freshly baked buns. The mellow tempo of an outing like this had a good effect on us all. We snacked some more, slowly packed up, and rolled back towards the city.

He’s a happy little guy, and took it all in like a champ. He seems to approve, so we are already excited for the next trip, maybe with a slightly longer ride, and possibly even a night in the sleeping bags.