Christoffer spotted my GT at a back yard bash a while ago, and was completely stoked on it. The big tires, simple 1×9 drivetrain, and full mudguards caught his attention, and he liked the concept of repurposing an old mountain bike and turning it into a fun and practical commuter.

He used to work at a bike shop and ride fixies a number of years ago, and hadn’t really been into the bike scene since. While we were chatting about the whole change in bike trends thing, and how its no longer about narrow bars and aerospokes, we decided that a bike like this would get Christoffer’s mojo back. He simply needed to join the #26inchlyfe. Christoffer was so nice to give me some old bike frames and a mess bag a while back, and I offered to build him a mtb commuter similar to my GT!

I spotted this old carbon lugged Univega frame on the local classifieds, and sent a picture of it to him. He was down. Game on.

Ratty and budget go hand in hand, and after picking up the chipped and dinged frame for mere pocket change, this was bound to be a good project. Wheels, shifter, derailleur, saddle, seatpost, along with a few other things were from my parts bin. Cranks, fork, brakes, chain, cassette, bars, and tires were bought new. We discussed the most important things like cockpit setup, riding position, rack/basket options, etc. I’d send a progress shot once in a while, and get an increasingly stoked message in return every time.

When it was done, Christoffer came to pick it up and take it for a spin. We rolled around the neighbourhood, did some final adjustments, and then shot some serious photos. He isn’t joking about his new 26″ lifestyle, but on the inside he was like a kid in a candy store.

Some highligts are the 26×2.25 Schwalbe Table Top tires, DMR Wingbar cromo bars, ESI grips, #rackandbasketlyfe (sjs rack and wald 137), 1×9 deore setup, 38t narrow wide, plastic pedals, etc.