About a year and a half ago, Kinga from Cheesy Supply and I got chatting and slowly realized we each had something the other one wanted. I’d been keeping an eye on the bike related soft goods Cheesy was selling, like velcro foot retention, socks, and caps, and she’d been eyeing my style of bikes and was looking to get a fun little retro mtb for herself.

Long story short, we decided to do a good old fashioned trade. A custom STRIDSLAND retro mtb build, for a batch of handmade 5panel caps with my name on them!

Lots of messages back and forth on build speculations, head measurements, materials, and indecisive conclusions, we’re still not there yet. 6 prototype caps, and counting.

But the bike is done, and we are both super satisfied! The biggest criteria was it should fit her properly, which wasn’t exactly the easiest task being about 160 cm tall.

Old fixie-kinger Oscar is the previous owner, having put it through everything from messlife on the streets to gravel races in the forest. Luckily he put it up for sale at this time, as it was a perfect frame for the project.

Nice and simple 10 speed deore build, bonty wheels, short and sweepy cockpit, and those skinwall tabletops and gold details to tie it all together. The frame is one of the good ones (not Trek), with a pressfit bb and all, and apparently quite rare in this size too!

Here’s a few pictures, enjoy the bike Kinga, and I cant wait to release the cap we’ve been working on.