Apart from his omnium cargo, this is definitely the bike in Mikkel’s stable which is most functional. SKS bluemel mudguards, 1×9 sram mtb drivetrain, Pelago front rack, sweepy comfy bars, and of course the bulldog toptube seat.

Aluminum bikes aren’t all that high on my list of favorite frame materials, but there’s something about these old dales that just tickles my fancy. The cantilever dropouts, oversized but paper thin tubes, and smoothed out welds all make it pretty special. An outstanding efficiency when pushing the pedals, especially considering the era it was made in!

The 42mm conti tires do good things on a variety of surfaces, and those yellow mavic decals just look bloody good up against the hard ano grey and pretty ultegra hubs.

Nerds might notice the mis matched pull ratio of mtb levers and mini V’s, but this combo actually feels amazing. You get decent rim to pad clearance, precise adjustment of reach and engagement, and still enough bite to lock wheels with a single finger.

This isn’t exactly the season for fenders and all that, but when winter comes around, I tell ya he’ll be hauling kids and groceries with dry socks and a happy back.