This Specialized is an absolute gem. Anton bought the frame on the local classifieds for  approximately the price of a fast food meal (60 dkk). It had a stuck seatpost, but that wasn’t anything that discouraged him. His attic workshop is filled with opportunities, and has heaps of options to tackle a challenge of any type. This one in particular ended up being a case of reciprocating saw + chisel and hammer, with a pinch of hole in the seattube.. haha thats how it goes sometimes, but that’s why we have electrical tape to patch it up!

This type of bike is simply a must have in any stable. The short cockpit and big tires make it super comfortable, the solid mtb parts and frame construction make it tough as nails, and the mudguards and front rack make it functional.

Anton uses it mostly as his winter commuter, but also for what it’s true purpose is: loading up the front rack with heavy stuff and hauling it around town! A few memorable examples are carrying a big sack full of his grandpa’s tools, picnic dinner for 23 people, or firewood and beer + sausages for sunset watching with friends by the water. Good times like these just simply aren’t possible without a functional retro mtb build.

There are some really cool details on this thing. The whole rust colour scheme up front is really well put together. After much neglect and a good dose of not giving AF, the chain and cassette even seem to sport the same look! The fork is a prototype from Ari Cycles, temporarily plugged with wine corks, soon to be swapped with big coins from the different places he’s traveled to. The DIY grips are lockon plastic sleeves with strips of his grandpa’s old leather belt sewn together. The bars are the originals that came with my Eighth Inch Butcher which have been stripped with nitromors, rusted and clear coated. The rest of the build is from the parts bin or graveyards – (piles of abandoned bikes in copenhagen). Last but not least, the Cetma 5-rail he snagged at a bike flea market for cheap.

Ill let the pictures tell the rest.