This is Matias Stridsland. I grew up on the west coast of Canada, and now living in Denmark with my partner and our 2yr old son. Back in 2013 I started dreaming about turning all my wack ideas into a reality, and spreading the bicycle love to whoever it may inspire. If I could get people just half as stoked on bikes as I am, I’d consider that a success.

In 2017 I started @stridsland_journal, and in 2018, the website. I wanted a place to collect my photos and stories of cool bikes, good people, and rad adventures, and hopefully catch the attention of a few like minded folks along the way too.

After registering STRIDSLAND as a business in late 2019, I’ve been focusing on designing bike parts and accessories. With my heart set on retro mountain bike conversions and the like, I’m highlighting how practical and fun those old 90s mtbs can actually be. The feedback I’m receiving from people out there is mind blowing, and super motivating!

Spending time riding, building, designing, and documenting bikes is up at the top of my priorities, along with other sources of happiness like family, friends, and my day job.

STRIDSLAND may grow into something big, or it wont.. But by sticking to things that make me happy, I’ll know I’m on the right track. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the love, support and inspiration!

Ride slow, die whenever.